Where It All Began

Sweet Lemon Limited was established in 2006 and is a privately owned New Zealand family business based in Napier. Sweet Lemons’ ethos is to make organics affordable and easily accessible for everyone!

Nit-Enz is the first brand of high quality and cost effective organic products to be launched by Sweet Lemon Limited. Our unique, completely Organic Shampoo was invented and developed by Rodney Innes in 1999.

Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo was created out of necessity as head lice became an on-going problem for our family and friends. At the time, our youngest daughter was still an infant and there was no way we were going to subject her (or any of us) to dangerous synthetic chemicals.

Rodney was already aware of the many incredible medicinal properties that pine extracts possess, and through research and experimentation he developed our unique formulation for Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo.

Rodney's formulation proved so effective and easy to use that we soon had friends and neighbours constantly requesting more. We quickly realised a one off treatment would not work long term as our children spend so much time in contact with others that may be infested. A safe, effective and affordable on-going system of control was required that would cut out re-infestation and tedious nit combing altogether. The Nit-Enz range of Natural Head Lice Solutions was born!