There are Two Different Ways to Use Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo

When Infestation is Present

Always do a test patch on the back of the neck first!

The only reaction that has ever been reported was a hot rash brought about by a pine allergy. If a rash occurs simply rinse with cold water and do not use.

The whole family should be treated at the same time! The adults should only have to do this once. Bed linen, sun hats, jackets and any other clothing in contact with the infested person’s head should be washed with a squirt of Nit-Enz added to the wash. Hair brushes, hair ties and combs should be soaked in hot water with a squirt of Nit-Enz diluted in it for the duration of the treatment.

If head lice have been present for a while there will be bites and scratches on the scalp and the first time the shampoo is applied it will sting as it is similar to putting Dettol on a cut. Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo is both anti- septic and anti-fungal which will help heal any sores and by the next shampooing a scab would have formed and it shouldn’t sting at all!

Wet the hair and thoroughly smother the scalp, behind the ears, along the neck line and right through to the hair tips with Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo.

Put hair up and cover with glad wrap or a shower cap for about 20 minutes. We say 20 minutes because head lice can hold their breath for nearly 20 minutes but it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit less or a bit more as the eggs will be effected on contact.

The shower cap or glad wrap keeps in the pine vapours which affects their respiratory system plus it stops the lice escaping.

Place a flannel across the eyes for little ones and rinse the shampoo out, be sure to keep it out of the eyes! It will not damage the eyes but it will sting. If it gets in the eyes simply rinse out with cold water.

Smother the hair with your normal conditioner and while still in the shower with the conditioner still in run a nit comb through the hair from scalp to tip. The head lice and their eggs will come sliding out with the comb – rinse under the shower and wash down the plug hole! Keep repeating until no more lice or eggs are found on the comb!

The eggs will go a lighter colour after shampooing, which means they will not hatch. The pine oil in our shampoo breaks down the Chiton which is the glue that sticks the egg to the hair shaft so they will slide out easily after application. Any remaining dead eggs will fall out on their own with on-going shampooing.

To Prevent Re-Infestation

Simply use Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo at least twice a week, just like a normal shampoo with your normal conditioner afterwards. Make sure you cover the scalp, behind the ears and along the neck line during shampooing as you are targeting the eggs which are always within a few centimetres of the scalp. It is not necessary to shampoo girl’s long hair nor is it necessary to nit comb again as long as the shampoo is used at least twice a week. This is because nit eggs hatch every 7 – 10 days so if you shampoo twice a week the eggs will not have time to hatch, spread or become established (even if they are picked up again during the week).

A Nit-Enz Head Lice Repellent product should be used daily or whenever in contact with anyone that may have head lice.