What people are saying about Nit-Enz

We are thrilled to have a product that works

We are thrilled to have a product that works, and also keeps hair shiny, soft and smelling great! We have had continual infestations at our local school, but since we started using Nitenz we have had no more problems! Hooray! I recommend it to everyone, and will use it regularly from now on. Thanks for an excellent product and outstanding customer service!

Laura, Auckland

We rest easy. Fabulous!

Nit-Enz had been recommended by my brother who had used your product with his daughter... Talking with you put my mind at ease and I was more determined to use Nit-Enz as I wanted a product that was organic, something I felt confident would be easy to use and would work... I just want to mention here that I am very pleased with Nit-Enz. The first treatment killed the live lice and removed most of the eggs. I haven't had to nit comb since either, the nits just died and we have had no sign of live lice or eggs in our girls hair since the initial treatment. We use the shampoo mostly twice a week and the repellent spray when the girls are mixing with lots of other children. And we rest easy. Fabulous! We have been and will continue to recommend Nit-Enz to every family we know.

Angela and Family, Auckland

Very effective product

My family and I have found this a very effective product and continue to use the regimen on a daily basis. I have forwarded the information to our school fund raising committee as we continue to have an ongoing problem in our school. I would really like to see them adopt this as a fundraising venture.

Karole, Dunedin

The best thing about Nit-Enz

I think the best thing about Nit-Enz is the way it also stops the eggs that parents invariably miss from hatching. The cycle is stopped so much better than any other products, that will kill the live nits but unless you get every single egg that is on your childs head they will come back. Your product goes one step further.

Nicole W, Auckland

We've been nit-free for quite a while

Well, I used it myself once and found it definitely got rid of them! I had to comb it once afterwards, but then they were gone, which was great. I didn't seem to have much of a reaction to it either - much less than I thought I might. We've been nit-free for quite a while now, but with the warmer weather, I expect they'll re-occur again sometime, so I'm looking forward to trying the product again on my son too.

Megan, Auckland

Your product comes highly recommended

The pharmacies are mad not to stock your product. Your product comes highly recommended and as nothing else, and I mean nothing else, has worked we are going to go with good old word of mouth.

Sara, Lower Hutt

No Nits since I started using the product!

No Nits since I started using the product! None, nada, zip. I have recommended the product to many others.

Sara, Lower Hutt

How great your product is

I have 4 children so buying 2 for myself and one for my friend who continues to struggle with nits in her kids hair. I've told her how great your product is.


An awesome product!

Firstly, as a residential faculty working with 21 children from 5 to 13 years old we are constantly battling the dreaded head lice. Over the years we have tried all sorts of hair products with varying degrees of success. Now we are using Nit-enz products we have a better success rate and containment in place. The beauty of your products is the ease of use and the effectiveness. Once applied to the hair and covered with a shower cap this proves very deadly. The ease of use is a huge factor for us as it makes it a lot less intrusive so the kids tend not to object when it is time to treat them. An awesome product!

Claude Emke, Te Puna Whaiora Childrens Health Camp

The absolute best by far

Although I am unable as a Waitemata DHB employee to endorse any products, on a professional level I have received excellent feedback on the effectiveness of NitEnz solution and also the cost from parents and staff. Also on a personal level I have used NitEnz several times to treat my daughter and will now only use this product. After trying numerous other treatments I find this one to be the absolute best by far not only for its efficacy but also cost effectiveness and I am so thrilled I found it! I too like many parents will absolutely NOT use any chemical based treatments on my daughter and think NitEnz if used correctly is a fantastic product as are the NitEnz gel and spray as a preventative measure.

Adrienne Powderley, Public Health Nurse

Recommend it to everyone!

Hi, could I please get the fundraising price list, I have a meeting at our kindy in the next couple of weeks, and they need some fundraising ideas. I have found your shampoo to be great, recommend it to everyone!


Stopped short of shaving my head!

18th Sept 2010. I've been dealing with head lice since the middle of June, and just can't get rid of it. I can't even begin to think about how much money I've spent on products that over promise and under deliver. not to mention the countless hours I have spent treating and combing my hair and cleaning my house from top to bottom, only to have the lice back, or maybe it never really went away in the first place. Lice has really taken over my life. I don't want to go anywhere because I fear that I will pass it on to somebody else. I am at my wits end and have stopped short of shaving my head!!!

Denise, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Like your product way better than the other stuff I've tried

I do like your product way better than the other stuff I've tried. I'm using it daily for awhile just to make sure they're gone completely.

Denise, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

So glad I wasn't awoken by the creepy-crawlies for once!

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is faced with this problem. I've got fingers crossed that this is the end of it. Last night was the best night of sleep I've had since this all started. So glad I wasn't awoken by the creepy-crawlies for once!!!

Denise, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Solved the situation. Thank you!

I haven't had to use Nit-Enz in a while so I would say that it solved the situation. Thank you!!!

Denise, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

What a great product! NIT-ENZ WORKS!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for my addressed package - of essential "sanity" products you sent - which found me last week at the Good Morning Show. Nit-Enz provides a "one-stop shop" ongoing treatment option, whereby the product can be used to dispel and repel Head lice! What a great product!! NIT-ENZ WORKS!! There is no doubting that and my 10 year-old's head is all the proof that I required! As for the gel and spray - they are both absolutely complimentary to the shampoo. I was able to get my sons hair to stay off his face and for the curls to be frizz free! So once again, my thanks and appreciation for considering our large family when you sent this package. I'm sold on Nit-Enz and have already raved to my family about the product. It is definitely an investment in and for ones sanity! And the two-fold upside to ...

Roseanne Leota Parenting Advisor, The Good Morning Show, TV1 2010

It is a fantastic product

I cannot sing the products praises highly enough. I have told everyone I know. It is a fantastic product. It is so effective and affordable. You and your team are also a fantastic help and support. There is no product that guarantees results but we have had proven results and I as I have said have tried everything. I was also reading and article recently that mentioned that all chemical based products available from the pharmacy are now not effective as the "new breed" of lice are apparently stronger and immune. So I found that interesting. So PRAISE to Nit enz and Melanie, saviours in the battle against Head Lice.

Tracey, Auckland


I have been using your Nit-Enz Repellent Spray product on my child for the past year and find it AMAZING, not 1 nit in sight. Unfortunately I ran out 2 weeks ago and the shop I normally get it from in Masterton, Wairarapa ran out. I had to use another companies product which unfortunately didn't work as last night I found eggs in my daughters hair. Are you stocking the product anywhere else in Wairarapa as my friends and I would love to get our hands on some?

Anita, Masterton

I love your products

I am very interested in stocking Nit-Enz at our school. I love your products and am stoked with the results in my own children so would be keen to help out other parents who are scratching their heads for answers (excuse the pun). Thanks heaps.

Tracy, Palmerston North

I LOVE this stuff!

This lovely lady took pity on me after an entire Christmas School Holidays of trying to rid my daughter of creepy crawlies. She introduced me to her fab products and no kidding it took 1 treatment and they were gone. Up to then I had tried every other way you can think of, short of cutting all her lovely hair off! Now everytime I get one of "those letters" home I wash everyones hair and we have not had a single 1 in over a year! Believe me I tell everyone about this product and anyone I have spoken to who has used it has had the same results as me! We sell it at school now, I LOVE this stuff! Thank you so much!!

Sue, Nit-Enz Facebook Fanclub

Oh my goodness it works!

Oh my goodness it works! I was the biggest sceptic ever and at my wits end and sick of putting poison on my childrens heads. Wow - Head Lice Free at last. Thank you so much. Be very assured you are buying from a most amazing trader! (my new best friends!!!). And I am so grateful. It's always a bit of a risk buying a product you don't know and I have tried many but I am so thrilled with the results. Our bathroom has a pleasant aroma of pine and citronella and the girls have stopped scratching. They are doing the weekly top up now and I can't believe how much shampoo I have left. It really is incredibly good value. I will drop your forms to the home and school at school and Kindy committee.

revglenn, Trade Me

No nits on us!

Would NOT be without Nit-Enz in this house now. A new outbreak of nits at school last week and so far, no nits on us! Our easy regime; Nit-Enz shampoo 2x a week, Repellant Spray and hair up in a ponytail every school day. Easy Peasy

Elaine, Facebook Fanclub

My daughters hair looks amazing

I have struggled for years with my daughter & her hair. I have used that many products on the market with no real benefits at all, that was until I found Nit-Enz, since we have been using your product my daughters hair looks amazing. I am definitely sold on your products and will NEVER again use anything else. I have also recommended your product to my entire family & friends.

Tracy, Auckland

I was blown away!

I just wanted to write and let you know how incredible your product is, I am not kidding! After battling nits non stop for over 12 months, 2 applications of Nit-Enz and we are free and clear. I was blown away!! And there is soooooooooo much left in the bottle in case the little blighters ever return. You have restored my sanity - I will be recommending your product to every parent I know. Thank you so so so so much, words honestly can't express my gratitude!

Dee, Christchurch

Armed for battle

I did notice a couple of the head lice that came out with the nit combing last night were absolutely still, lately with the foaming products we've tried, they seem to be wriggling about and very much alive. My daughter commented that she felt better knowing she had a 'repellent' in her hair when trekking off to school today, she found a great deal of comfort in knowing she was 'armed for battle' so to speak!

Theresa, Auckland

Found something that works!

Hi, it has been great! have used it every 2nd day, and after the 3rd application only found one egg so I am pleased we have found something that works!

Kylea, Nit-Enz Facebook Fan Club

Highly recommend Nit-Enz

Last year we struggled with Nits for nearly six months and were at our wits end. I found this product advertised in one of the kids magazines and decided to give it a go. We have never looked back since. It is very easy to use and we continue to use the spray daily while the kids are at creche. The level of service and follow up we have had from Melanie is amazing. She even visited the kids creche and spoke to the teachers - to help us get on top of the problem. I would highly recommend Nit-Enz to anyone who is trying to get on top of a nit problem.

Jo, Auckland

I was happy a product that wasn't full of chemicals worked so easily!

We used your shampoo in her hair for the 20 min shower cap treatment and out they came along with either tiny lice or eggs, I couldn't tell which! Lots anyway! We washed all our bedding/pjs etc on the same day with a squirt of your shampoo. We have continued to treat every 2nd day in this 'treatment' phase and as of her last treatment there were maybe 2 eggs that came out. She is now wearing the Repellent Spray every day and once the treatment phase is finished we will carry on using the shampoo 2 x a week as directed. I was happy a product that wasn't full of chemicals worked so easily! The smell is very pleasant and the combing was no chore at all - my wee girl was completely unphased by it too, and sat happily watching TV while the shower cap was on and then again when I combed her hair.

Elaine, Facebook Fanclub


THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U. I Just Can't BELIEVE IT, WHY didn't I find your product a Long Time Ago. I jst wanted to cry when I was 1st Washing out me Gurls hair and jst watching them all fall out, and then when it was time to comb out the nits and eggs, I jst COULD NT BELIEVE MY EYES, THEY WERE COMING OUT - FINALLY - and it wasn't just the Nits it was the EGGS. I Jst CAN'T BELIEVE that my Gurl has not scratched her head once since I started the treatment on Saturday, I am SO SO SO SO BLOODY IMPRESSED with YR PRODUCT. I will be making sure this is our households new Shampoo!

Tracey P

The only product that has worked

Just to let you know that I bought some of your nit shampoo and my daughter has been free of nits for the last 3 months. She has had nits on and off for over a year and your shampoo seems to be the only product that has worked. Thank you very much.


I support and Stand by Nit-enz and recommend to all

I wanted to find the best product to use in my Salon so I tested every product I could get my hands on, all did not meet our standards until we found Nit-Enz. We started to use and test the products on family and friends and had a great outcome with keeping head lice away with regular use of nit-enz. Crazzy Critters Salon will be using nit-enz for head lice treatments, and also selling there range of Products. I support and Stand by Nit-enz and recommend to all.

Jackie Mutu, Crazzy Critters, Head Lice Removal Services

Thanks for a good and safe product!

I saw your products are for sale at our local 4 Square, which is great! My teenage daughter uses the products on a weekly basis and she is happy with them. They prevent the nits from returning back.Thanks for a good and safe product!


My two daughters love to use your products

Further to my call to you I am delighted to find I can purchase your wonderful products direct. I have been using Nit-enz spray and gel for a couple of years now and was always able to purchase them from Melody's New World in Palmerston North. I am now really disappointed to find that New World will not be stocking your products any longer. I have several friends too who purchase the products from there. My two daughters love to use your products as they smell fresh are easy to use and most importantly work!! I look forward to receiving my order from you.

Miriam, Palmerston North


Just to update you on the fundraising with the Nit-Enz products. Thank you for giving us this VERY EASY fundraising opportunity, we have been selling the products through our school office and I just picked up another $40.00 this morning from them, and I did nothing! How easy can it be? The product is great and easy to use. Will be in touch soon to order some more. Once again thanks for this great fundraising project, the easiest fundraising I have been involved in.

Nadine, Porritt Primary Home and School Committee

It really works well

Cool trade it really works well.

colemansmith, Trade Me

Extremely good value

For my part, I can only wax lyrical about the spray - when used everyday for school, we have never had a problem with lice - it was only when I stopped using it for a couple of weeks that my daughter caught lice again. I bought one bottle of spray in May 2008, and having used it for almost every school day, we are now November 2009, in need of replacement. My daughter has shoulder length hair so we don't use gallons, but even so, I think it is extremely good value.


Really impressed with the results

Aberdeen School has really run with the whole Nit-Enz Campaign and parents and teachers are really impressed with the results. We have, at times, had a really bad time beating the Nit epidemic and with having the Shampoo and Repellent easily accessible to our parents has made a huge difference. I have been told that it smells great, works a treat and the children love the repellent as a 'hair spray' too. The PTA is rapped with the response and no doubt about it - it's the easiest fundraiser we ever had. What other fundraiser gives you that much profit without having to put in the hard yards?? Thanks for offering such a great product at such a great price.

Tracey, Aberdeen School PTA Treasurer

They are effective!

It's quite a bitter-sweet thing to be happy to be able to use your products and say they are effective! Bitter because it would have been nice to escape having lice at all, but sweet because using your products was easy and effective! Yes Miss 5 had an itchy head last week, and yes, it was lice!


Preschooler friendly

I am also grateful that your product does not have a horrible after scent like many of the other products had which left my children embarrassed to go to school the next day. Your product is also the only one that I have found that is preschooler friendly. I have found that by using a tablespoon of your product in a small amount of warm water and just combing through his hair I was able to clear his hair with no fuss. So thank you again!


Pleasant smell

My daughter is clear since using the product but the test will be when school starts. We'll be using the spray and plaiting her hair, following up with a check after school every day. The shampoo has a pleasant smell and a stranger remarked yesterday how lovely, shiny and bouncy her hair looked - this is in stark contrast to the lank greasy look it had using some other products. One other product actually seemed to burn her scalp (a product I shall not name which cost around $40 and which I only used once).


Whoa no nits

Whoa no nits. I have been struggling to get rid of these nastys from my sons hair. What an amazing product. It was lovely to see the nit comb clean. No itchy scratching for him and no grumps. He said it wouldn't work and wasn't keen to use it. So you should have seen his face when the comb was clear. Thank you for such a marvellous chemical free product. Will be definitely recommending this to my friends and to anyone that has problems with getting rid of these nits in their childs hair.

misskittydragon, Trade Me

Such excellent results

I am enquiring about your excellent Nit-Enz product. We are very interested in purchasing some more as we received such excellent results and such favourable comments after usage.

Frances, Central Normal School

Awsum natural product

Hi Melanie, it's Amy here from Dinsdale. My daughter is practically nit free, thanks for putting such an awsum natural product on the market. I am recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks heaps.


Love the hair gel and think they're very cool

Liam and his little brother Dylan (3.5) like the products. They especially love the hair gel and think they're very cool. I would like to purchase some more shampoo soon.

D Farrell, Nurse Educator

I really love the gel because I can make good designs with my hair

Hi my name is Aimee, I am 7 years old. I go to Coromandel Area School, I mostly always wear your nit stuff in my hair. I really love the gel because I can make good designs with my hair. I like the shampoo and I love the smell of it. Also I like it really much because you don't get nits.

Aimee, Coromandel

The cost is good, as other treatments are sooooooo expensive

The Gel is good, easy to apply and not too stiff. The cost is good, as other treatments are sooooooo expensive.


We have found the shampoo and gel really good

Hi Rachel here, we have found the shampoo and gel really good. The boys love the gel and I have found it nicer to use than other products, it is not as strong smelling as other products and the shampoo lathers up really good. The boys never liked previous products I have used because of the smell. We will definitely be purchasing your product from now on.

Rachel Game

This is the first nit free weekend

Alicea was coming home with nits every week. This is the first nit free weekend, have just finished checking her hair.


What a fantastic product!

What a fantastic product! After much expense and trying many other products this is the first one to actually work!! Thanks very much!

Maree V

Her head is now free of these horrible things

I had been using other products on my little girl's hair over a six month period, and none of them seemed to be working, even though I followed the instructions to the letter. She still had lice, and then a friend recommended Nit-Enz. Her head is now free of these horrible things, and I wash her hair with your product twice a week as a deterrent. I have since recommended it to other mothers who are facing the problems I did.

Barbara Sterling

Thank goodness for this

Hi, could you please send me a jar of Styling Gel and Head Lice Repellent as I've tried it & the lice have taken a hike, phew, thank goodness for this. My head was infested badly Big ones & little ones, This jar that I've used is empty thru the family using it. I'll hear from you later, cheers Ian. Thank you.

Ian McDonald

Thank God I found you

I have a family member who uses the shampoo and it has a really nice pine smell to it as other lice shampoo's don't smell that great and my kids refuse to let me put in on there hair. I have been trying to look everywhere for this product living up in the far north theres no place up here that sell this product thank God I found you on Trade Me. I don't know why I just didn't do this in the first place. Many many thanks. Hope you enjoy your week.


Attractive alternative to insecticide based treatments

Head lice infestation is an ongoing problem for schools and school families. There is anecdotal evidence that existing insecticide based treatments are increasingly ineffective and it seems likely that head lice have developed some resistance to these products. Families find treatment expensive and frequent re-infestation of their children is both embarrassing and a financial issue. "Nit-Enz" offers an attractive alternative to insecticide based treatments.

Graeme Rix, Principal, Pukekohe Hill Primary School

Clear my children's hair of nits!

Your product managed to do what a lot of others had not been able to do - clear my children's hair of nits! This product is not like all the others, it really works, after years of trying to treat head lice and their eggs so that my children would not get laughed at or teased. My children ended up going to doctor after doctor as they are all allergic to head lice, yes allergic to head lice, and after 8 years one doctor finally sent a referral for my children to a skin specialist. But no success, my children had to put up with getting really bad sores on their heads and then cry at the fact they had to shave their hair off so their heads could heal - thank you from the bottom of mine and my children's hearts. Thank you for giving my children their wonderful smiles back.


We tried everything!

Working continually with babies, children and teenagers in groups we have had on going problems over the years and for months on end at times with the same children etc. We tried everything!!! Once we were introduced to the Nit-Enz products the instant results were unbelievable. Using the shampoo on a weekly basis brought the problems to an end. The spray is marvellous also and so quick to use. The gel the boys in particular enjoy. When new children come into the homes the Nit-Enz products are introduced and solves the head lice problems, time and energy that used to be expended with each one and cleaning of the linen etc. Congratulations goes out from all of us from Foster Care Association

Judith Hall, Foster Care Association Auckland

Keep the little buggers away!

We sell Nit-Enz through our school office and it is a hit!!! I have not personally come across any treatment that acts so fast, with a repellent to keep the little buggers away!! I say this is a fabulous product. Aberdeen School PTA says thanks for the opportunity to sell your product.

Tracey, Nit-Enz Facebook Fanclub

I love this stuff!

For 6 months I have been fighting these persistant little nasties in my daughters hair and finally we are rid of them after just two treatments. I love this stuff! Melanie rang me after inquiring about it online and she was fantastic to talk to. I am about to email her to ask how to get it into our school as I bought it off Henderson North School. You saved my relationship with my daughter also as it was always a battle to get the treatments done - thank you so much for an awesome product!

Julie from Waitakerev

Thankfully I found you online

After several nit infestations in my daughters school she has still not had one episode since I've been using your product for over a year now so I am very impressed, plus it's natural which is what I try to be too. Unfortunately our local store has ceased selling your great products which I am so disappointed about - thankfully I found you online so I am now keen to let other Mums know about it too:) Many thanks for the fundraising info. I shall present this to the school and get back to you:)

Tracy, Manawatu

Really does work!

I've been a user of your product for a good while now. Every time I find the creepy crawlies in my childrens hair I use your product as I find it to be the only one gentle on my childrens hair, and the fragrance is bearable and quite pleasant where as the other products have such a strong smell - which hurts the childrens eyes. (Nit-Enz) really does work!! I've tried a number of others before using this one, and this one so far has been the best of them all. And yes, I will join your Facebook as I truly believe in your product! Honestly, nothing has come close to what your product does and the results are quicker than the other brands on the market. Thank for getting back to me Melanie, all the best with the family business!!

Evangeline, Auckland 2010

The only products that seems to work for my family

I heard about nit-enz from a friend in January when we were in NZ on holiday. I brought a bottle of the shampoo back and have found it to be one of the only products that seems to work for my family. I recently ran out so am eagerly awaiting my order!

Sonya van Boven, Australia

It was fantastic!

Thanks for your email, very timely actually I have just shampooed my son's hair with your product tonight. We used the shampoo a month ago for the first time and it was fantastic! Got all the little mites out and made the eggs easier to get out too. So far so good. So very pleased and have been spreading the word as to how great it worked. We are going to get the gel too as my son loves gel.


The only range which I have been able to get nits under control

I think the range is the best and better than any chemist or chemical products which do not even kill the lice. The hairspray is great and the gel helps to keep unwanted visitors out of my daughters hair. This has been the only range which I have been able to get nits under control and I have tried everything. Even flat ironing of the hair.

Jodene, Auckland

Have found the shampoo brilliant

Have found the shampoo brilliant. I have two girls (and myself) whom I have had to treat endlessly but since using your product treatment is now once a week if that! No more scratching for us! We also use the repellent spray which is great I also spray their brushes with it .. There is an epidemic at their local school but I still have it under control with your shampoo. Many thanks for a great product.

Sue, Auckland City

Your product... THE BEST!

Your product... THE BEST!! all the others ive talked to say the same, its easy on the childrens eyes, other products weve tried were so strong with the menthol that the children couldnt open their eyes during application. Nit enz was tolerable, has a pleasant smell, and it really does work!! Any my extended family say the same thing too, and are now using your product as well.

Evangeline, Auckland

The only nit product that works

I would definately make the effort to go there as it's the only nit product that works on my daughters' hair - and believe me, we have tried them all!!! Nit-enz is a fantastic product. I don't even look at any other products, Nit-enz works

Carleen, Taranaki

Results were astounding

The great news is I have used the product tonight, and the results were astounding, my daughters feedback in her words, is "it smells lovely, it doesn't sting my head like all the others, I really like this. "I think this is the only one that works mum". The greatest pleasure is I can see a sense of pride and lift in her spirit and confidence. She is looking forward to playing with her other nit free friends on the weekend, who we steer clear of due to the condition. So a big thank you to you and your family for this wonderful gift. That is just music to my ears, she has never had such soft shiny hair from any other products either. I am pleased to say you have another glowing testimonial.

Fae, Auckland

Nit-Enz works, it really, truly, honestly, wholeheartedly works!

We have 3 daughters, all with long hair down their backs, and throughout their primary school years they always managed to succumb to the dreaded nits. Any nit treatment you can name we have tried, believe me. ROBI Comb? Done it, Special Recipe stuff? Done it, Meths? Done it, Natural Nit Formula? Done it. And did any of these so called "wonder cures" work? Not a chance!! Not even close!! Then we tried Nit-Enz. All I can say is WOW!! Nit-Enz works, it really, truly, honestly, wholeheartedly works! First time up, Nits virtually falling off the head as we washed it, and the smell is very pleasant so it doesnt make you feel like you are pouring some freaked up chemical solution on your childs head that will burn your childs scalp and make their hair fall out. Our 10 year old has hair down to her butt, and when swimming season started ...

Jade, Hastings

The products are wonderful

the products are wonderful this is the first time in months he has gone a whole week with out getting them. also means my 4 month old hasn't got them or me which is great thanks heaps again.

Natasha, Victoria, Australia

My children have never had nits using nit-enz

Your product is fantastic, my children have never had nits using nit-enz.

Helen from Te Puke

Thanks so much for an amazing product

Thanks so much for an amazing product. My daughter had nits for nearly 16 wks and we were beside our selves and then found your product in our local 4square shop and tried it. Her hair was that bad that when you combed it with a nit comb I was nearly sick to see so many big fat crawlies on it. After shampooing the hair twice they had all gone and a further 2 washes got rid of the eggs. Fabulous product and it is being used every time we wash our hair. Thanks so much it saved her having her hair shaved off. Have recommended it to our school. Keep up the awesome work and this product should be in every house!


A little goes a long way!

A friend gave me some of your shampoo to try (it is in miss 9's hair as we speak!) and first f all I would like to say thankyou for creating a product where a little goes a long way!! She has thick curly hair and most other (chemical based) treatments we use have hardly left enough in the bottle for a second application! This time I have only used about 1/5 of the bottle, if that!

Kylea, Nit-Enz Facebook Fan Club

I've never had another infestation again

I'm Val Masters and I run the Family Home in Manurewa. We have between 6 and 8 children at all times and we have always had a problem with head lice - until I found Nit-Enz Certified Organic Shampoo that is. I've been using Nit-Enz for a couple of years now and it is so good that I recommend it to everyone. From the day I started using Nit-Enz I've never had another infestation again. I highly recommend Nit-Enz to everyone because it's easy to use, it really works and it's very affordable.

Val Masters, Manurewa CYFs Family Home

Pleased with its safe, organic reputation

Although Waitemata DHB do not specifically recommend Nit-Enz solution as a head lice treatment, we do hear of many parents who have had great success using this product. They are especially pleased with its safe, organic reputation, as there are no chemicals ingredients in this NZ made product.

El Mann, Public Health Nurse

Effective and a good price

I have the shampoo, the spray and the gel - I have been using all these and I think they are all really good - effective and a good price for continuing use (as a preventative).


Very effective

We find the Nit-Enz products very effective and only buy this nit product because it is safer on kids and it works!


Haven't had nits for ages

I think its the best ever and haven't had nits for ages but do use the spray in between.


The only thing that worked

Nit Enz is the only thing that worked for my family.

Miriam, Palmerston North

I love the fact that they are very effective

I think they are great! And I love the fact that they are very effective compared to other products that I have purchased from the pharmacy. Many thanks!


Extremely effective

The range is great, and it is extremely effective. (Unfortunately it's so good I am often unable to get it from our school when I need to due to its popularity!)


Easy and non-toxic

Fabulous. The whole family uses the shampoo occasionally as prevention, and the long-haired-most-likely-with nits-child gets more regular full treatment, leaving the shampoo in etc. Easy and non-toxic. The spray is wonderful.


Gets rid of the eggs as well

I think it is great, I have tried most of the products from chemist and supermarkets but they never got rid of the nits. Then I purchased nit enz and it has been great. We use it as directed and its great, definitely does the job. Gets rid of the eggs as well.


By far the best that we have tried

My daughters and I found your products by far the best that we have tried, thankfully pleasant to use both in application and odour.


No more scratching for us!

I have found the shampoo brilliant. I have two girls (and myself) whom I have had to treat endlessly but since using your product treatment is now once a week if that! No more scratching for us! We also use the repellent spray which is great I also spray their brushes with it. There is an epidemic at their local school (W. Primary) but I still have it under control with your shampoo. Many thanks for a great product.


Yes Nit-Enz is awesome

Yes Nit-Enz is awesome, best nit product around! I recommend it to everyone, when the conversation comes up.


The best nit preventative product

Nit-Enz is the best nit preventative product that I have ever used on my daughter's hair, and believe me, we have tried many products. Since using Nit-Enz we have had no more coming home from school with Nits.

Frans Family

Haven't had any trouble with them since

I think the product is great, my daughter had nitz and we used your product and haven't had any trouble with them since, and they didn't spread to anyone else in the family which was amazing


Really pleased with the result

Yes thanks we are really pleased with the result- just have to keep vigilant but we are certainly on top of them.

Anne, Auckland

Effective and safe product!

I brought it once and it was awesome, I wouldn't use anything else next time. I wanted to buy it for my nephews who always seem to have them, as my daughter was going to stay with them. They will have it for next time and hopefully the gel will keep them at bay! Kind regards, and thanks for such a wonderful, effective and safe product!


A nit free family thanks to Nit-Enz!

I also have told everyone I can about the product, including a Facebook post. A friend has already said she will use it next time. Warm regards from a nit free family thanks to Nit-Enz!


Love the fact that the shampoo kills the eggs and is natural!

Have not ever had nits before in 12.5 years of children so was new to all this. After shampooing our daughters hair with Nit-Enz and combed and yippee all gone - now spraying her hair with the spray as well as the preventative. Love the fact that the shampoo kills the eggs and is natural! Awesome! Wish I knew there was a treatment out there that was natural and killed the eggs before doing other treatments but better late than never!


It is so amazing

I would just like to say I have tried your products on my daughters' hair and she has thick curly as hair, she is only 4 years old and this product you advertised at her daycare wait area caught my attention for her nits. And what can I say, it is so amazing so I have spread the word myself and also recommended that Waitara Unichem should stock it as I had to travel to New Plymouth to purchase the products.


Such an awesome product

Such an awesome product, we recommend it at work for any parents whose children have nits etc.


I love your product

I love your product. We just don't have any issues at school if we regularly use it. Got my friend onto it in Ireland and now she gets her Mum to send it over as it sounds like an ongoing problem in the schools over there and she has even passed it on in Ireland to another Mum as so many people are wanting a natural alternative and getting sick of using chemicals!!! I have even suggested my son's school to stock it.

Jenny - Hamilton